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The Black Tie Studio Podcast - Spring 2023

Planning a wedding is hard....maybe hard isn't the right word. Lets go with exciting, challenging, or involved. For most couples, this is probably your first time, and if it isn't thats okay too!

Every year more and more gets added to the wedding market. New trends, color schemes, suit and dress looks, venues, photographers, DJs , and we could keep going on but you probably get the point. So the question is where do you start? When do you have time to sit down and learn about whats new and whats hot right now. Sure we can take our lunches during the day or our evenings after work to scroll through Instagram, Pintrest, The Knot, and the general internet. But what about being able to multitask, getting things done during your typical day at work or home? Well the easiest way and something that 99.9% of us enjoy are podcasts.

The goal behind The Black Tie Studio Podcast is simple. Give listeners a place to learn about vendors, venues, and trends in an easy 45 - 90 min podcast. We want a place that you can learn about our team, our backgrounds our love for weddings and why we would love to work with you. What's better than simply being able to absorb all that information just by listening in on the drive to work or even at the gym?

The hope of the show is to release 1 maybe 2 episodes a week (if we are feeling spicy). Allow

you to learn, connect, and plan with us and our guest. Learn about do's and dont's of booking. Help you set realistic expectations on your wedding day, and even develop a more personalized connection to the A-Team your building to support your day.

But wait - its great all to hear from vendors right? But what about couples? Couples we've worked with specifically, and even couples that we didn't work with but maybe worked with some of our friends in the business. We want you to feel ready and prepared, to build trust and the perfect team but most of all. We want you to have fun and know every detail of your wedding is going to go to plan because you were able to hear it from those who have your back and have been apart of 50+ weddings.

We look forward to the launch of the show. It'll be available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

Stay tuned for our first episode coming spring 2023.

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