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The legacy of your wedding day starts here.

You both had a moment in your relationship that told you, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. From the beginning stages of dating, the excitement of telling your friends and family about each other, to the very moment you fell in love, each part of your story is unique and unlike any other.

Every wedding story does share similar elements, the first kiss, family photos, speeches and all the events that make a wedding what they are. But, the way you look at each other when you see each other for the first time, the excitement before walking down the isle, and the spoken promises and commitments of your vows; these are the moments that are  unique to telling your story.  You will share these memories with your families, friends and children. Your legacy will put a smile on your face, and solidify your love over and over again for years to come. 

Your legacy captured unlike any other
- The Black Tie Studio

Hi Im Phil! I'm the owner of The Black Tie Studio and lead operator. I didn't start with weddings when I first picked up photography and videography. When I was asked to shoot a wedding for a family friend, I honestly didn't know what to expect.


I now shoot weddings because I fell in love with the story telling. Being able to capture the emotions of someones wedding day is unlike any other and an absolute privilege to be apart of. Being able to photograph an emotional moment and freeze it forever in time became a rush. When I started to capture a wedding with video I quickly began to realize how incredible it was to create a cinematic element that allowed couples to see the energy of their wedding, re-listen to vows and hear speeches from those who love you.

When a couple receives their deliverables, I look forward to the smiles, the laughter, the tears, and the recollection of the day they will remember for a lifetime.

What is it like working with The Black Tie Studio?

We keep things fun! A wedding is one of the most exciting days of your life. Its a party celebrating you, and we are here to celebrate too! Our goal is simple, keep the day running as smooth as possible while capturing the most important elements of your day. We love to make to keep our couples stress free by making them laugh with our conversations, keeping camera moments light hearted and genuine, and making sure to remind them to step away and take a moment  together.

From the first consult, to the day you get your photos and video back we are there to support and serve you through your wedding adventures. We can ensure that your vision for your wedding will be captured in a way that will make you excited to relive it in all the years to come. 

What they say about us

"Phil created the most breathtaking video that captured our entire wedding day in 7 minutes. Since I received the video, I have shared it with my friends and family and have had them say it was the best wedding video they've ever seen. People have watched it over and over again, pointing out the various small details that were captured. It is truly magical. Leading up to the day, Phil was extremely responsive and collaborative, willing to work with me on budget, deliverables, etc. On the big day, he was knowledgeable, personable, and a joy to work with. Please hire The Black Tie Studio if you can!! Worth EVERY penny spent." - Maria + Alex

"The Black Tie Studio was a dream to work with. He was professional, helpful and friendly. They really felt like part of the family while spending time with us all day capturing our special moments. I am beyond thrilled with the quality of the pictures and video they took. The work is beautiful and  they are truly talented! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer/videographer, book them ASAP" - Kaitlyn + Chad

"Phil and his team were absolutely wonderful! We had planned to have our ceremony outside but it started pouring rain so we had to change our plans. The entire wedding party got soaked but Phil went above and beyond. He not only helped get us inside as quick as possible, he also brought us towels, hairdryers, etc to help us get ourselves "back together" when he really didn't have to. Honestly great person to work with and would highly recommend." - Lisa + Jacob


We want you to create a dream team of vendors who share the same values as we do. Check out who we love working with!

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